Friday, 12 September 2014

Investor Meeting London 25th September 2014

Those investors with an ear to the ground will be aware that Sound Oil are presenting at the 67th Oil Barrel Conference in London on the 25th September 2014. There are other company's presenting but for me Sound are the main attraction.

 The Conference kicks off at 9am through until 1pm. Morning coffee and lunch will be provided free of charge. This should give those that attend ample opportunity to mingle and mix with the Company's in order to glean or answer your questions. Whilst I accept that it may or may not be some folks cup of tea I'm in town simply for one company '' Sound Oil '' thus since my open dialogue with Brokermandan (who himself was keen to attend) we went lobbying Sound Oil regarding a direct investor meeting with their team, after the Sound Oil presentation. It's a Golden opportunity for investors to actually sit down with a drink or a beer and speak man to man or woman (whatever) with their Top Brass. These opportunities do not come along very often.

The company as some may recall at the 42nd OB blew the socks off investors when the shares were exchanging hands at the equivalent of 70p old money so whilst some question '' Is this the right time to buy '' I'd say historically folk would of snapped your arm off. The reality is the markets are a very different place now to then, however the junior Oil and Gas space has felt about as warm a climate today as it has for a couple of years. On contacting Sounds' investor relations team and also dropping a call in to James Parsons regarding the extra circular meeting, I can confirm that the CEO, after a slight arm twisting would be happy to join and buy us all a few drinks (Let's be cheeky and ask for lunch)

Whether you're an investor in Sound Oil or simply a retailer with an interest in the markets why not join us on the 25th after the presentation in the city. If you're unable to make the Oil Barrel or are perhaps not interested then we will be meeting at around 11.30am through lunch to around 2pm

I understand the CEO has a busy lunch in the afternoon so should be around for an hour just before Noon. Yesterday my old buddy @BaronTrading confirmed he would join BMD and I, this should provide a great platform for us to discuss all manner of topics additional to Sound Oil thus giving air time to market theory, Company's of interest and general chit chat coupled to the feedback from JP's time under the spotlight at the OB that morning.

Email:  to be added to the meeting list.



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