Sunday, 10 August 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXIV

What a week, genocide in Iraq, yo yo attacks and peace talks in Israel, eye's have been distracted from the Syrian mess joined by Russia banning imports from the west. '' Yet we as the retail punters look to find a positive unaffected situation to house our funds in order to make a few quid!

However I start with a video that I found on liveleak here (not for the faint hearted)  The last 5 minutes are harrowing and sadly revealing '' How humanity has got it so so wrong '' I couldn't help but agree with John Snows short report on the people of Gaza's suffering due to a small number of people on both sides flexing defiance and oppression together....

I fear the crusades of biblical times shall return to force mankind into a losing battle, I just hope those that lead the global superpowers exercise intellect,humility,compassion and a dogged belief to do whats right... - '' Forgiveness is one of the hardest emotions to conquer ''

Anyway enough of my personal ramblings and more about the markets! however remember that the shape of the world reflects in one's portfolio...

Gulfkeystone Petroleum: Has tanked on the back of Isis aggression with the U.S flying further air attacks which has assisted the kurds in retaking 2 towns from the islamists thus making northern Iraq a slightly safer place for the indigenous and peaceful nationals. I expect special forces will now be acting behind enemy lines pushing back the extremists leaving Irbil and the oil fields at lesser risk than late last week. Sunday Morning played witness to over 3hrs of air attacks, I anticipate that the markets may see some mileage in this however expect GKP to be an extremely volatile place on tenterhooks.

Sound Oil: The companies performance has been great over recent months however I feel a trick has been missed here. The disconnect between how and why the SP is doing so well has been predominantly based on the recent institutional confidence shown via their investment at a significant premium. However the markets missed an integral indicator to its stand out assets Badile which is head and shoulders above anything else Sound oil has in its portfolio. Last week the company announced it had bought/secured the land from where the badile asset would be drilled, It's very possible the land has been purchased so when a JV / Takeout bid is tabled! the junior E&P has a serious leveraging point (land owner and landlord - Anyone). '' A lot of cute business has been done recently '' And on that basis I can see 20p short term a real target. - Look out Laura too...

Inspirit Energy: Whilst investors look to the aim kingpin David Lenigas as he cavorts across the resource sector the SP at INSP has fallen as low as a snakes belly '' Leni get off the floor and deliver some of what you promised '' The company has some pretty smart technology along with a particularly cheap valuation, on a risk rewards basis it looks a screaming buy.

Optibiotix Health: Has a pretty unique board of directors who have pretty much proven their ability to crystallize value for shareholders with a raft of previous examples, the company is in its infancy however don't be shocked to see the SP double at the shake of a hat. The free float stock is limited and my old pal Tom Winnifrith is uber bullish here '' probably because it looks a gimme which is aligned to a tidy net cash position v marketcap.

Some of the companies to watch are: Mxo,Wsg,Rci,Rkh,Sro,Ukog and Tate
Others to avoid are: Rrl,Rmp,Trp,Lgo,Stg and Qpp

Check out last thursdays Stockopedia piece on Westminster here

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