Saturday, 2 November 2013

DocsLaymanChatter XIII

This week we look over the markets as they have played out along with a few points of interest etc. Last weekend I looked at a new concept of engaging more with the fellow P.I through an audio blog which goes out here (DLC - Audio in links)

The audio has really come in a rough uncut format which has been a great success thus demonstrated that reaching out to the old audience has come easier than expected, albeit a great enjoyment of mine writing for the www.shareprophets website, I had lost some of the daily, thrice weekly and weekend readers. I hope folks are enjoying the concept and please feel free to use/share and promote.

The markets have been infused by a number of small cap sensations hitting crazy highs none more so than China New (Cnel) the 500% rise cooled off after normality returned to the unrealistic and downright obscene claims coming down the pipe from forum/bulletin boards. The fact the company was over hyped, over inflated is enough for me to encourage '' Locking in profits '' and whilst there is some potential for a retest I'd say the markets which have seen a bunch of 100%+ gainers through the week  now indicates that the layoff we spoke of here a month or so back now points to a return of the smallcap good times. This is often short lived over the Q4-Q1 period so be sure to make the best of it without capitulating to much the dreaming and fantasy of the retail floons.

I maybe so bold as to call further bumper gains coming from the unexpected of positions but hold that steadfast stance on the robust,reliable stocks as the market is likely to come to you soon....

There are great calls on golds price as the dollar speculators look to significant upside however although the pair may run in tandem against the normal counter balance.

Examples of a company that is just a diabolical play is Motive Tv (mtv), the company have far to many shares in issue to really be taken serious having risen from 5Bn in issue last October to 28Bn today. I think this demonstrates the lack lustre value attributed by the markets to this company and is in my eyes just a Joke stock which is the level just below the '' Dog stock '' level.

The markets work in funny ways sometimes but a bundle of companies that seem to offer upside are as stated in brief: Sphr,Aaz,Sar,Lrl,Sou,Ntog,Bhr,Blvn with a few more on the audio and those to avoid are Ser,Mtv and Frr.

Hope all are enjoying the seasonal fun...

All the best


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