Saturday, 30 November 2013

DocsLaymanChatter XVI

Hey folks after a busy Friday evening summing up the reverberation on the wacky Ecr bulletin board I finally managed to translate my feelings through art to the twits who poorly attempted to defame or discredit me. from left to right - Meldrew (Who) Bm3 (Sour puss) Porno (Weirdo) and Valancia (Elton) these four stooges instead of swallowing the bitter pill of near total loss on their investments in resource companies without oil or dodgy boards decide to channel their anger at the only lone ranger actually giving them a heads up on the crappy stocks. Ldp was another one to join the P.O.S stock Mtv but hey I expect there investors to come after me next.

((( Drum Roll If You Please)))

Ladies and Gentlemen you really must try harder. I had a chat with the directors of LSE who have agreed to investigate my complaint further. Enough of the jibba jabba and back to the Q&A with Ecr Minerals. I believe it provided a great insight for its shareholders and personally thank the team for taking the time to reach out to its shareholder base, unlike many I did what I said I would and reported the facts endorsed by the company. They yet again show a strong character and ability. We here at DLC refuse to subscribe to the forum twaddle of more jam tomorrow and instead work on managing expectation in a reliable and robust manner.

The article can be found here

Moving on the 1st month of the audio blog went quite well with around 4250 views, I hope to keep growing the audio daily, Its a simple and quick conduit to connect with the audience, I can only reiterate we are attempting to silence the background sound that saturates sensible decision making by offering up simple principles that work for you (The fellow P.i) I understand that forums remove the links, I guess this unique offering is not to the corporate taste however considering most micro cap companies pay more to the executives running them along with the corporate army of broker,nomad and Pr its fair to say '' often we can clearly see who benefits from such companies ''

The early part of the blog this week seems dedicated to my own self indulgence so lets round up the week and looking at the week ahead. Remember folks its hunting season for the small cap and raising funds is the quarry of the day so be careful not to fall foul of a company ramp in order to house a placing.....

Bushveld -Bmn - Shares have soared after they announced its acquisition of lemur accompanied by positive HY results with shares now changing hands at a significant premium over the past week or so up from 3.75p to 6p

African Potash - Afpo - Since the profit taking call at 4.4p the shares have declined somewhat, In my opinion the SP moved quicker than the market liked thus an inevitable pullback on the cards yet this does not decry the potential.

Gulf Keystone - Gkp - Has finally started its journey from the centre of the earth back out... The techs point to 200p with a extension to 240p. I see no reason to panic or get overly excited as market nature takes its course. The current that may pull the buyers away is the sharp declines in its peer group naming Bowleven and Xcite

Afriag- Afri - This week we have seen significant stock changing hands!!! to me this is almost certain the distressed seller finished. The Sp has been beat like a dusty rug from 2p down to 1p and the reason is very simple. After the Rto there was a company holding stock which under its own policy could not hold or stay invested. I have been watching for sometime and last week took an early tranche ( I own shares )

LekOil - Lek - What an enigma Lek has become, thrust into the limelight with a high value/reward play at Ogo-1 via its partner Afren and then a stack of cash raised at 55p. I'm tempted to call profit taking but 80p looks likely. Stay safe and bank some but this has been a great story ( which has only just begun ) .

Tower Resources - Trp - I know the markets are getting excited but for me the downside risk is forever increasing to 3p buyers. I see that there is potential upside fundamentally but not imminently yet the techs suggest should the 3p mark fall convincingly then there is ultimately further gains. I would use the sense and sensibility compass to navigate.

Beacon Hill - Bhr - I tipped this at 0.80p and while one moron reminds me '' You tipped this at 2p '' he clearly did not read the piece here through my own admission - my error was a 3p TP when the stock topped at 2.98p '' 1% shy please forgive me '' I anticipate further gains but the catalyst to profit taking comes from caution against a speculative nature. De-risk along the way from 1.2-1.3p upwards as we see much bigger gains yet showing an edge of caution.

SyQic list on Monday and I see an exciting passage into 2014 the company have recently announced a strategic partnership with Bango who in turn announced a deal with Google. The balance here seems all right as IPO entry at both ends have the spectrum have been positive/profitable during 2013. I'll be writing more over on here

I will own shares Monday morning myself, Blinking norra that's two lots..... '' Who was that said I'm a paper trader? ''

Enjoy the week ahead as we look for the rewards of tomorrows world.....

All the best


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