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DocsDay @ Proactives One2One Forum - Manchester 23rd Oct 2013

On Wednesday I joined the train heading to Manchester piccadilly armed with a few thoughts about the forthcoming evening hosted by proactive investors Craig Ribton. As a flat cap ignoramus northerner I landed in piccadilly like a second world war evacuee lost and without any clue how I would make the short journey to the midland hotel.

As Rick Deckford was to the blade runner, BrokermanDaniel was to me the hero of the hour. I called Dan who proclaimed I should remain calm and in all its grace the spirit of ecstasy appeared with a cleanly shaved BMD at the wheel. '' Hop in Doc manSlayer '' and off the midland we proceeded.

On arrival outside the midland the Real sociedad fans had made themselves known singing and chanting as they marched onwards to the evenings fixture, Dan and I caught the tail of the crowd at which point my desire was to run with the pack over to old trafford however sadly this was not to be.

On entry to the hotels ' game on ' suite refreshments were generous and the ladies managing the attendees were pretty pleasing on the eye, the business end of the evening was well presented, I met Simon a really pleasant guy with a fragrance of common decency or the unknown sharp dresser who loved to talk business although by his own admission hadn't got a pot to piss in other than his Falcon Oil investment. On that note I hooked up with Philip O'Quigley Falcons band leader who did a great job of pitching the company to the room and had gained a bunch of folks talking shop. Like a decent scouse ram raider I threw my topeneth in grounding the chatter back to reality, '' The Hess deal collapsing was nothing short of dreadful news '' Old sharp dresser who was actually a really nice guy had lost touch with commonsense and thankfully I was there to save him!!!

Anyone who see's big oil leaving a deal regardless of circumstance can never be classed as good for us (falcon). with sharp dresser now on the level and Phil back in charge we chatted about the future of falcon, Philip managed to broker lunch with the me based loosely on him closing a decent deal before christmas and thrusting the company back up the chain somewhat. Initially I was torn between Philip having jam on his egg or a very shrewd operator.

I conclude  falcon are down to the stabber but the games not over yet and should our man backup his book and deliver the deals he alludes to in his truly encapsulating manner then i'd suggest '' As I did to sharp dresser that now is a time to carry out some further DD and invest '' Phils offer of me buying him lunch once the deals done was a classic jedi mind trick and one which nearly had me '' I think the £100m back towards £1bn would suggest he has a lot of work to do in order to earn his reward. I genuinely wish him luck and will write more publically of my thoughts on Fog and its investment case or not as it may be.

Anglo Asians (aaz) CFO rolled in late however it didn't need the professor to woo the audience as simply the growing production figures, reducing cash costs and increasing revenues had my eyes rolling with $$$ signs. I think the fact the Board recently passed a resolution to potentially buy back 2.8m shares, grow the business or announce a divi reinforces now the company have no reason to complain as its them holding the key in stimulating the share price.

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