Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Skin In The Game...


Binomial definition applied to the recent bumper risers in the micro-cap market. The reality is the odds are against you in the Aim market particularly if your relative experience of the smallcap market is one based on theory or conjecture.

Today we have Physiomics and tomorrow it will be something else however the reality is the binary bet made at the base level or core average has just swung off the hook when the retail become excited, Often this is based on expectation derived from hope or wishful thinking as the facts stand there is no name given to the major nor is there any revenue value attributed to either party.

My guess is Pyc like many need to get their funding drive away and having had some experience of Mark Chadwick I think you will find whilst the science and ideologies are great at Pyc the facts ascertained from this news release are hazy at best.

Should Physiomics get a decent deal with revenue stream then the share price will motor another 100% however should the inevitable happen then the mid-late buyers will scurry out like rats on a sinking ship leaving a small number with a disaster on there hands.

Physiomics is nothing more than a coin flip stock at the current level thus the risk of failure against the chance of success has to be answered. I personally hope Pyc demonstrate something of real material value but also warn that company directors with little skin in the game often show a scant regard to the price action.

This is non-specific to Pyc however should become a barometer to the newbie shareprophet subscriber looking for simple,basic guidelines

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