Saturday, 19 October 2013

DLC Vol. XII - Company Round Up

Here are the DocsLaymanChatter thoughts:

Into the action and the companies fronting the small cap investors campaign.

Orogen Gold - The company has its placing away with WH Ireland now valuing the company at 2p. With a snip of a bull run in gold then expect Ore to reflect the sentiment throughout its mcap.

Bowleven - Blvn are at a pivotal point now, brakes off and up to 75p-100p or a drawing back to sub 60p, the Monday session should be the indicative day imho. Look for a new high forming and a high low on the close of the day.

Tomco Energy - Tom have fallen on its own sword once again as it contracted back towards the 1p level however now present an investment case at the current level.

Westminster Group - Wsg have formed a new high in it's historical chart which is quite something when you look at the price action. Zak Mirs 95p looks set from a technical point, with a fundamental reminder that the contracts pending could quite simply change the game here.

Sphere Medical - Value to the upside far outweighs the down check the review above.

Nostra Terra - Ntog have really suffered of late with confusion over the value the company presents, In my opinion the company need to draw a line in the sand and translate unearthed value.

MTV - The closet chartist must have been on the coke to give a 0.05p valuation but then who am I to give a balanced view here as I find it increasingly difficult not to fall about laughing.

Inspirit Energy - The company offer energy reducing technology, this week seemed a good time to mention how valuable this product could be in the wake of further energy hikes.

FastJet - Flew nearly 100% on the last TA mention on the and whilst I'm not fully subscribed to the story the upside looks to far out weigh the downside both technically and fundamentally. Value with the buyers over a multi tranche investment.

Anglo Asian - I have mentioned AAZ recently based on the decent cash costs within the market, They can deliver tangibly and now have to be considered a multi bagger over the next 12 months.

LekOil - Lek are now on the cusp of announcing the finalised interpretation of Afrens initial drill at Ogo-1 which has already been presented as a significant find exceeding expectation thus is already a bumper find. The ST-1 came into play to simply validate how big (BiG) really is. I tipped at 37p and still maintain this is likely to be a real winner.

This week I'll be heading over to the one2one forum in Manchester to hook up with the old militant BrokermanDaniel to take a look at the event presented by proactive investors. I have reservations of the actual value of uber expensive media outlets, however feel opinion through conjecture is not good enough for DLC readers so I'll be in town to counter some of pretentious flannel which has become the foundations of aim and the markets assault to empty P.I's pockets with piss and wind productivity

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