Saturday, 5 October 2013

Weekend Chatter X

This week we see the outfall from the political drama of the U.S shutdown accompanied by the tug of war over gold. My own views are firmly hinged to the gateway of future value in gold thus believe the small cap exploration and production companies will once again rise like a phoenix as the spot prices breaches $1320 as with all things small cap risk in your p/f  has to balance with a conservative yet aerodynamic nature - ''When the tide turns we anchor down, In the meantime we swim with the current''

This week I caught up once again with Paul Doran chief extraordinaire and all round good egg! Like a sketch from Harry Enfields '' The Scousers '' Barry,Gary and Terry thrashed out two hours worth of growth investor value against the Russian roulette of aims smallcap. I would honestly say for anyone struggling with the Mexican market.... (((Cough)) I mean the alternative investment market I would strongly recommend Paul's invaluable translation of the ubber class to the more recognisable proletariat interpretation. After a lot of discussion the most interesting point I found to reaffirm my  belief was regardless which genre of music you prefer the rhythm of the markets simulate similar emotion,reaction and exasperation!!! '' Particularly if you're bad at it.

As I take the Chucho el Roto approach I thrust straight into the usual attack on current events and the markets through the eyes of an old journeyman...

This week I gave a heads up on Orogen Gold and while the kick in the nuts news of placing often rocks the very core of any company the reality here was 0.30p to accelerate developments of a high grade asset can only bode well - You can find the publication here

Bao appeared to get some ramp attention as have Tvz,Acp,Pyc and Rem so we can never rule out the player power in the aim however the risk factor flies off the hook thus something I recommend to avoid or at best remain disciplined.

Historically we are on the cusp of continued bullish activity within the markets as the city fat cats look to guarantee their huge Christmas bonuses, game is back on after the summer break...

However the initial backlog of the bears retreating may see some less convincing attacks on the global arena however I proclaim this to be a buy opportunity into some decent value stocks.

Last week I took Bowleven at 56.5p with a TP of 75p or a 100p on sniff of rumour... '' The journey looks to have started upto 63p for starters ''

The level of ignorance towards risk is just outrageous and would take this brief opportunity to convey the message of sobriety against hope, we wouldn't take this risk by doing a forward roll back and forth across the M25 so why do it with your finances and then expect the outcome to be an unscathed positive.

The shareprophets have landed Malcolm Stacey and for those unsubscribed (which is free) Mr S is a formidable force and master class, the announcement has me feeling excited about the prophets glowing future which is a testament to the editors hard work and efforts.

The other pieces of news comes via comrade BMD who reports '' Rumor '' of uprate in the Bopd output from Lenigas (Lgo) Trinidad assets. Dan also highlights another subject at the forefront of my mind and that's Nostra Terra's news of its cash award $1.2mln as well as promising interims.

Back up the chain and one I don't often cover is Carnival (CCL) who look to have landed at 2000p giving a £3.7bln mcap, Whilst the initial rebound seems to have played out I'd suggest taking confirmation and trading the 20-30% back up to 2600p should there be no further nonesense in the markets otherwise its 1700p - '' The catalyst being the 2000p marker failing ''

One of the salient points whilst chatting to a CEO last week was the number of people that actually view the so called major smallcap news outlet that is proactive investor, the bench mark to my claim is the interest in a post i generated gathering more than x 10 views than proactives...

If you want to request tailored coverage we are always happy to do so weather that come via the array of much smarter folk than me at or myself personally here.

On a number of occassions I've asked for some interaction from the tens of thousands of readers both here and SMVP. '' If you have a subject to brouch then this blog is happy to interact with comments,requests of all kinds ''

Another blog will be out midweek so for now adiós y buena suerte....

All the best


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