Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekend Chatter Vol VIII


Good Morning Folks,

Sunday morning and all's well, As expected there has been some slight balance installed into the markets over the last 7-14 days with the excitement easing off somewhat. '' This is nothing more than the likely becoming the actual '' Aim has shown its sign of life and the commods have alerted investors to its riches as gold,silver,oil and ore swing!

The short money goes long and the same impact traders see the shortcomings once again as the rebound subsides and then they scale in again to scalp the tops and aggressively short sell the stock/comod/indices

This is the game, however the shorters paradise is in my humble opinion declining in the small cap arena as the curve of fortune now sits with the buyers in well run,robust reliable companies. Tangible value is key thus the reason I beat the drum hard on Zanaga at 10-15p. The Aim market is something of an enigma and once you have the code you can decipher the messages being delivered....

This is where I now feel at home hence the midweek TA call on Fjet at 4.05p Sadly the editor of is honeymooning so the call was published the following day at 5p (Still plenty of gains to 7p) '' I wish Tom and the deluded lefty or the new Mrs W all the very best of wealth,health and happiness.

After 6 Months of writing for and I have reached a figure average of 17% per investment call with a near 4:5 conversion ratio from 32 calls (roughly) . I see people selling their product with rates more or less...

Mine are free and 100% transparent as all published in the public domain. This discounts the Miningmaven v Doc 5 day challenge which are going relatively well. I negotiate with regarding a feature there, should you want to see it '' Email the company and suggest they put me in place '' I mean half the company and a lifetime supply of Costa coffee really isn't much to ask.


Back to the usual flash point covers on stocks of interest this week.

As people queued up to tell me the value of Rem,Solg and Mtv I'm pleased to say I didn't buy into the dream and whilst there has been some bumper gains there have also been some bumper losses. This is dangerous for your portfolio unless you are truly disciplined.

FastJet: Announce no reason for the rise yet the SP still gains, I guess there is a reason although the company are not aware or not letting on! The rise was a technical one from a heavily oversold position guys....

Ecr Minerals: Continued to hold some of the gains from 0.1p as the company posture to change the direction of the company. No deal is final and tax is an ongoing saga, I don't rate or like Themac hence I believe they should divest and look to use this finance on a more savvy play. I think they (The Bod) would and could do better moving into the 4th of July type play.

Lekoil: Continue of the ST at Ogo-1, Afren directors are piling into afren and whilst Ogo-1 is not a huge proportion of there p/f it did add £85m to its mcap on initial release, If the ST comes back '' Significantly higher '' Than initially thought when it exceeded expectations. Then Lek have the ability to multi bag.

Victoria oil&gas: Vog has to many shares in issue, The company has been on a terrible run and sentiment is at an all time low, '' What does this say '' Prick up the ears guys as infamous bear raider Evil Knievel is now long of vog and eventually the shit stops rolling down hill!!! The technicals suggest that the worst is over, speculative buyers should start to load in '' Looks a Buy to me ''... This is not a risk free trade however the 50 and 200dsma are now the target. If the Rsi fails on its march 13 hold then run to the hills

Veredes Management: Fly's up on a lot of speculation. Look at the news from this company! Lack of accounts, resignation of nominated adviser and no clear direction - Lacklustre performer.... '' Is this an investment or a targeted stock to lean on for a maximum return for an investor group? Questions to answer in my opinion...

Gulf Keystone: Good news in from Gkp with the legal wranglings closing and the future looking brighter, If only the CEO had not sold 10 million shares in this company when he did. Surely this is having some effect on confidence.

Westminster: Wsg keep adding to the ever growing contract book, With plenty of reason to be proactive towards the company its next leg should come from further significant additions to its contract order book. From a technical perspective the stock is/has fast approaching the 100% fib point as well as some top end tiredness signs.

Thor Mining: I have wrote about thr recently, the company has done a duel funding round thus securing the company's future, with the company unlikely to do a third and with a clearing overhang the reality is significant upside once this is out the way, think about the correlation between others in the Thor peer group and its effect to the SP.

Sound Oil: Announce an independent broker note giving a 15p unrisked value against a 21p risked. The company need to show the Laura and Badile cards as its unlikely there value is really attributed in the coverage.

Next week I'll be chatting to Tomco Energy regarding their recent news release and its future moves into high impact shale. They have the acreage but do they have a high reward strategy for its shareholders, current share price says the jury is out!

The usual loonies cry and crib about something and nothing, charlatan,conman,scam artist and all round low life - Stroll on forum loonies '' do you actually think i give a stuff '' I'm always open to discuss all of my actions.

I guess the end of the month will be the real start of the next cycle although confirmations needed, I'll be making a few more technical calls on companies over the coming weeks, Anyone who is still in the dark age please sign up to and take note that tickets are out for the biggest investor show in the UK in 2014.

Enjoy the week

All the best


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