Sunday, 8 September 2013

Exclusive Market Review From The Retail

Thoughts on the week...

Another fun filled week with investors trying to convince me that there is huge upside from Solg and Rem towards teen level (Wake up).......

Rather than revert to the coverage of a number of select stocks we today chat about the markets behaviour and the effect the contrast is having on smallcaps main indicator '' Sentiment ''

DLC via SMVP made the BiG call on the markets reversal earlier in the year, and all the followers of cyclical trends and the big fun super cycle will now have there heads pricked like a meerkat as the initial leading run has come into effect. I guess we have to understand that the next few weeks (If not already) has seen the start of the minor pullback in aim however this is likely to be weak and inconsequential in the scheme of things.

Miners are correcting and the focus has to be on natural resource companies that have kept their head above water in austere times and are now clearing funding overhangs thus actioning aggressive re rate/corrections.

The Aim has contracted more than many could ever had thought, The shocking reality is from 1700 companies we now have 1100-1200 listed. '' Where did they go? '' and where the hell are the Bi$$ions of dollars raised and invested over the last half decade? I will be detailing much more on this soon however plum the think tank of the sober P.I's...

How many major journal outlets have informed you that your chance of survival! let alone success has diminished significantly, While we hear the Sxx/Gkp/Rkh/Xel success stories we fail to hear the horror of failure as we position ourselves in the most unnatural,immoral,unfair and downright treacherous environment - '' The Stock Markets ''

This week the biggest Investor show in the UK was announced where I'm penciled in principle to attend and speak of my personal experiences on circumnavigating this arena, UKinvestor here:

Today I had a great chat to my buddy BMD who contrary to belief is not satan dressed in a lacoste tracksuit he is in fact a very savvy yet unforgiving sole when dealing with the crooks that help create the oasis of bullshit currently being orchestrated in London.

I agree on some of his theories and although we are very different people I do believe in what Tom and Dan have stood for regarding the high profile bring down, It sends out a message to the small cap fonies '' We are onto you and have you in our sites ''

All the best

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