Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fables And Fact....

As the summer recess slowly creeps in I see many examples of misinformation,misunderstanding and lack of education, It's easy for people to spin you the line '' It takes years to become successful '' but that kind of pretencions statement does nobody any good.

Here's a few things that perhaps cause confusion with Private Investors

A placing is announced with an issue value (amount of stock) with the date they will be admitted, however we know that you can spread bet or take a Cfd's long or short of a company. Thus once you have subscribed to the placing you can then hedge. The time the stocks admitted is secondary, in fact you have the ability to secure your stake price which is an example of fortifying your position regardless of the stocks trajectory, the other is to front run or sell ahead of the curve. There's lots of do gooders that will tell you what should and shouldn't happen in this game but the most important thing is knowing the game, how it works, what's possible (or not) and how to circumnavigate the fish pool full of sharks.

You can't hit the board without throwing the dart folks although this doesn't mean you have to play 9 legs with Phil Taylor either, You simply have to get a number that fits your game and be happy with it. The thing that takes years (some people never learn) is to be happy winning no matter how attractive or rough the success is. You then focus on developing or honing your field craft, the returns will keep improving as will the strength of mind. Your understanding of terminology as well as the mechanics which form the small cap should then start to look slick. This takes time put nobody had to nearly lose everything to adopt these simple principle's

The docslaymanchat usually consists of a round up and a few words of wisdom but I've been cooped up in the hammock all week whilst kicking back and enjoying the fruits of my labours '' Oh and watching Gkp lose 12% since buying early this week '' granted today its probably more like 8% but hey such is life, I bought in as I believe this AGM and the whole debacle of Kozel was distracting and once out the way the company (Gkp) would find some traction in the markets coupled with a tidy piece of insight (News)

Astar changed name to Mx Oil (thoughts here) while Sound Oil (Sou) has made some progress recently which is based around the formality of the second milestone of gas production from its Casa Tiberi asset. I'm also picking up a lot more background noise from the city on the possible opening of communications with the oil major mentioned sometime ago with relation to the companies larger assets under management. All G&A (General Admin) costs are now covered so all the money spent is going into the exploration which is impressive. If the 12 month high is broken and closed over we may see a further run toward 20p. If not then its back to 10.5p so on a binary basis it looks a goer.

Rapid Cloud (Rci) did a placing recently which means the funds have came in at the same price as the IPO and while the shares were exchanging hands at over a quid not so long ago, today they SP sits around 55p - The company has already alluded to the fact an acquisitions on the cards in the next couple of weeks so profiteering from this level shouldn't be too hard.

They you have it folks a relaxed 5 minute of waffle,thought and explanation to a few facts

All the best


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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

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