Sunday, 6 July 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXII.

Well I'm about 3% north of horizontal as the start of the summer break gets underway, I see the same old jibba jabba playing out in the markets daily. When will folk digest the rules of the game!!!

Its As Bent As A Whippets Back Leg
Its A Corporate Dick Turpin approach
Its Designed To Empty Your Accounts
It's Been Losing Money Inherently for 150 Years

Its The Markets Folks...

The continuous daily battles people engage in is highly distracting and becomes more of a moral crusade than a strategy, quieting out the background noise is paramount as balance is as much about the mind as the portfolio. We have to find the fulcrum point within our inner person (the mind set) which will act as a traders/investors subconscious thus helping procure profits rather than squabble over loss.

The #dlc will feature daily through the usual outlets however the feature audios similar to Westminster Group here will be broadcast at

Asta's board and Tom seem to have found some middle ground for now so its over to the Cornhill duo to deliver further newsflow with a reassuring nature, the fact Stefan has been living out of a suitcase for 3 months is good enough for me as his commitment to drive the company forward, like myself Stefan has a young family so to travel overseas for long periods of time in order to complete a JV which will potentially open the doors to Mexico's Oil & Gas space says its all which is why I continue to supoort the team.

Westminster Group has finally gained some traction in the markets with a sudden correction to 65p and many eyes on the forming of a new 12 month high. I'd say its when and not if, we know from experience that whenever a company is on the cusp of significant news (good or bad)  we see an aggressive change in the companys SP. Wsg has been through the mill somewhat and articles by Pauly Pilot have not helped. I can see Pauls angle however as an accountant its very difficult to find some resolve with the company's current valuation although the metrics of the pipelines have not been fairly considered which is why I see further growth based on the 42 potential deals under management and the only real need to sign one or two as the catalyst to further significant increase.

Noricum Gold popped up back on the radars last week, it wasn't hard to see from a technical aspect that the stock was oversold with plenty of clear early signs that the bad times were coming to an end, I'm pretty sure Noricum will be back to 0.75-1p in no time however sentiment and momentum are still only mildly onside, if it builds a head of steam then it will shift along, if not then perhaps a slow recovery. The summer time benefits these small cap gold plays that are located in naturally freezing climates which is why they perform at this time of year and not over the winter time. but lets not forget that the markets are not a logical environment...

GulfKeystone rumors are still churning over regarding a potential deal with Chevron, the retail appear less than convinced as playing the keysor soze trick twice will be harder to hook people. Is it a case of genuine intent or just another clever jedi mind trick by GKP?

Rose Petroleum Never fell from the mango tree as expected which could support the reasoning the shed had already taken place at 4p the first time round and there is now a steady consolidation forming. The company has much to do however the sectors good which leads me to believe that Rose are unlikely to be the cause of great complaint.

Mosman Oil & Gas has been something of an enigma over recent weeks and whilst the markets seem to love playing Russian roulette, I personally don't see the risk/reward as an investor or even a trade. The ergonomics are not there in this one so I'll be avoiding it at all cost.

GoldCrestResoucres are coming to aim..... (make a note) more to follow

All the best


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