Sunday, 20 July 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXIII.

This week we look over some of the breaking stories whilst holding council on what's hot and what's not. The weeks action has been overshadowed by the standing down (fall from grace) by Gulf Keystone's CEO Todd Kozel '' I'm sure he'll be missed ''.

I caught up with the head hitters at the shareprophets and they are convinced categorically that a potential JV with Chevron is imminent, It won't take too much to get the old war horse battling forth once again.

International relations look completely broken with Syria,Iraq,Russia,Ukraine and Israel all making an unpopular presence within the news desk, some journalists find any news story these days with decorum bottom of some lists. Civilians,women and children are being massacred yet the global powers seem to lay quiet on the real travesty choosing to side with international power and influence. Yes thats Israel,Pro Russian forces and of course the mess in Syria.

Clearly the fact the markets have remained positive in what are uncertain times signals to me that we are in a micro bull cycle. I'd advise people consider how an end to the macrocycle and a continuation in conflicts will do for your portfolio.

It could get nasty out there unless we see a confirmed breakout into the super cycle. So what's hot and what's not.

Gulf Keystone: Have a change in executive management with a heavy city rumour of a tie up with Chevron. The markets concurred initially they were glad to see the back of TK and I'm sure many P.I's are also.

Kea Petroleum: Kea was a company I felt uber bullish on regards positive sentiment in New Zealand, they are on the cusp of operational updates however the fact they dropped a bollock by way of dating there RNS I feel there is a moderate positivity and a few questions to answer before confirming an out and out bull case although I'm not negative by a long shot.

Leni Gas & Oil: I managed to get the scoop the company were doing a placing the day before it was announced, the result was the corporate slur of its chairman '' Big Dave '' calling me a fool....
Perhaps being a step ahead of the city makes me an idiot but then I'm not the one making 100% guarantees there wouldn't be a placing then a matter of days later announcing a funding call '' I suggest the idiot is thee '' - The stock looks overheated and thus a sell/neutral '' not a buy ''

Nostra Terra: Has been a tad on the quiet side, this for me could well be the signal of pow wow by the CEO and his partner in crime Alden Mccall. Watch this space for a update on publicly suggested comments that the company is ready to take a little more risk thus a hefty chunk of the cake.

Magnolia Petroleum: After suggestion I was a bear on Magp I update that I now see the company more of a moderate buy or neutral (at worst case) The company has priced in bad news which is already known to the general public which leads me to believe an above or inline with expectation comment that may well boost the share price. '' I hear things are on the mend '' however we sit and wait.

The junior Oil & Gas space continues to offer up decent value return options so await the next big call here and on my twitter feed here...

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