Saturday, 28 February 2015

Investor '' Get together '' London & Manchester 2015


Private Investors '' Get Together ''

In 2015 I intend to arrange a number of get together's, these can be a simple pint of ale and a chat or a more formal wine & canapes like arrangement. Needless to say the primary aim is to stimulate group discussions over a host of common interests namely the stock markets, we've had a positive initial response from twitter to the London & Manchester suggestions however this is a social invitation to one and all.

The idea is to cater to the numbers thus anticipate that London is currently a 65/35 split. This will not deter or prevent either date taking place, it simply means we will try to now gauge and cater for each group accordingly. There is no hard sell or pitch coming your way, this is wholly a retail event which relies on you the attendee to pitch up and get involved with active chat/debate or conversation. I'm no great host nor do intend to take folk by the hand although a welcome greeting and brief introduction with a drink is the least we can do.

In September we had about 25 private investors meet after an oil barrel conference, this '' get together '' went well so hope to replicate it throughout the year. I/we have no allegiance to any market related business, but should one or more companies decide to foot the food and booze bill then I'm not going to argue.

Let me be 100% clear, there will not be any brokers / PR / corporate's or companies invited to these events unless they adhere clearly to the simple rule of open dialogue in an open forum. I feel its a pertinent point to cover as other events (not mine) have reported that pushy brokers had been trying to run the jedi mind trick over them (pitching services).
In September we had a solid group of private investors along with, an aim listed Oil&Gas CEO, the infamous BrokerManDan, super cool technical guru Zak Mir, Myself and the incredible '' Day trading magnum @BaronTrading '' During 2015 we'll follow a similar line, there is no criteria so lucky mug punters, expert tech guys, fundamental overseers, forensic accountants, sophisticated and unsophisticated investors, newbies or those looking to bounce ideas around are truly welcome.
The average running time is a few hours but i myself enjoy a beer so this could easily run over, I hope to meet with you soon for an informal chat and beverage. '' We are simple folk with simple needs '' do not be put off as many often can be by such events. The unknown is not to far from a night at the local pub chatting amongst friends.

Register your interest here:

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please email in, over the next few weeks we will carve out dates, meeting places and times. don't expect bells and whistles but do expect an enjoyable experience.
All the very best

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