Sunday, 15 June 2014

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Good Afternoon,

After a busy week in the markets and 2 days planning a world cup bash I pick up the market mantle and review some of the weeks developments. Before entering my reviews and thoughts I want to revisit a few points from previous posts over the year.

Anyone can trade the markets with their own money but most lose '' 90-95% approx '' Its worth remembering this fact when running with the pack! Only a small proportion can be successful, particularly when the markets are bearish. We have to preserve capital adding as much as possible but losing as little as you literally can, this is may seem a pretty obvious strategy but in essence robust simple principles are easy to follow although more importantly your financial bastion.

When the markets open up you exploit and when they contract like a venus fly trap you must have little capital exposure or risk. If you don't follow the the daily audio click here or a new launched financial website providing a daily market update, economic calendar, company coverage and much more click here  just a few tools to help navigate the markets although in reality every commentator has some '' great advice '' they think you should follow and most want £££ per year/month or pocket of information, my own advice would be '' simply find a quick solvent to dissolve the losing run ''

Lets look over a few companies as we round up:

UKOG: I mentioned UK Oil & Gas a few weeks ago here when raising a very different issue however the principle was regardless to personal feeling '' that getting ahead of the curve is particularly beneficial '' now 100% up where will UKOG go? In my opinion there is activity on the site which would mean a real monumental step up in public presence, this usually leads to a ramp up in PR and news flow leading to further gains. liquidity,volume are all indicators to follow.

Spitfire Oil: I stumbled over spitfire however the cash burn is low with its cash position twice the market cap. they trade are £2m with £4m in cash which really does highlight the disconnect between the markets valuation and the current share price. '' Don't be surprised to see this significantly higher based on a market correction'' shell companies have proven extremely rewarding in 2014.

Mosman Oil & Gas: The news was not firm enough to warrant this rise and whilst I anticipate a positive open on Monday morning I really do worry about private investors. AVOID this until the hype subsides. '' Looks overvalued ''

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(These are but opinions derived from my own experiences and thoughts and are not adopted as a statement of fact)

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