Monday, 16 June 2014

Another fine mess you got me into......

Ever felt confused by an RNS or the big numbers that jump out at you? Well my old buddy Gary Newman dropped out a tweet friday pointing towards such a blatant question of how the blinking heck does this statement add up:

· Company-wide oil sales, net to LGO's interest, totalled 111,774 barrels oil (2012: 58,450 barrels) an increase year on year of over 190%.

111,774 barrel increase from 58,450 is a 91% Increase so what the fucking hell does this tell us when its the headline act at the top of the 13th June RNS f? somebody stuffed a 1 before it which I believe asks a very important questions?

 Has there been a miscalculating in the year on year production increase? If so how can this happen?

Anyway I can understand how simple folk can make mistakes as I'm a simpleton myself, long in the arm and thick between the ears so can we clear this fact up!

When I pitched up at the UK Investor show I asked some questions to the chairman which caused the reply '' Doc you know nothing about releasing news to the market '' Well let me tell you thats correct I know jack shit I'm just a nuisance blogger but please let me reassure you I can use my fingers and toes to add up!
Take a look at the video here David tells us at 04.45min that we have doubled the fleet from 6 trucks to 14 WTF and 30 seconds prior assured me De Robillard is running 16 trucks around Africa.

Don't let me be the party pooper here and please accept I'm the same as every other mugpunter but could you answer these two questions:

1.) 6 x 2 = 12 not 14 where did the 2 extra trucks come from and why on earth would you make such a berk of yourself making that statement

2.) PDR is running 16 trucks around Africa? where, what and how is this happening?

As you say '' I know nothing about running an aim company or releasing news '' I suggest that I may not be the only one here....

Keep the pecker up


* (Note: I hold shares in Afriag)

P.s Remember this phrase '' There's no head room for a placing ''

Leni Gas & Oil released an edited version for clarity on the 19th at 17:10 - clearly the fact they did this means there was something afoot. Most people didn't give a hoot about this yet by virtue of pushing the point the RNS adjust came, I still believe there are questions but this battle is over.

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