Sunday, 25 May 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XIX

Egg and Spoon - Band of Brothers

The band of brother that are the city elite control the hearts and mind of many retail investors, applying military like offensives in order to distract private investors to what's really taking place in the marketplace.

Have you ever considered how a pump on a company has happened, as when you last looked the stock looked stone dead in the water?

Have you ever asked yourself when studying L2 how the wall of resistance has crumbled turning the shares price action on its head?

Have you ever wanted to understand which frequency to tune into in order to get ahead of the curve?

The stark reality is you have to play the game long enough to understand the rules, #dlc is designed to short cut some of the pain! allowing investors time to observe and follow the events without getting too caught up in choppy waters or worse falling foul of the markets curve ball.

If we go back to our school days '' The egg and spoon race '' did you ever see a kid slip there thumb over the egg? did you ever slip your thumb on the egg? kids have a great innovative ability to find ways of winning regardless how good their hand eye coordination is..... '' Its the competitive edge to succeed '' this animal like instinct evolves throughout life and whilst I offer some layman interpretation thus taking away much of the technicality behind this, the frank point is those kids are now playing the game on forums,chat rooms, blog sites and within financial public forums / bulletin boards.

The thumb on the egg is now the individual making the early call on companies!!! again growing in reputation as savvy,cute or infact the great expert. There's no science here.... If you can follow an economic calendar, understand the basics in news flow and quite simply calculate simple formula then you're on the fast track to sliding your thumb over the egg and dashing to the line. This week we know that paternoster (Prs) are overdue end of year results (i have been banging on like an annoying dog barking next door) or that the market is looking at Sound Oil for some operational developments which has all been announced in there previous news flow. or we focus on the shareholder action at gulfkeystone (gkp) as they plan to unhinge the CEO strong hold on the company.

These actions will have material effects on the companies in some form or another as the news steers the markets with reaction coming from these great examples of guerrilla marketing from collective adverts by way of sentiment control (what? what does this mean) P.I's start to harp on about the next big shift and inkeeping in the chain the market capitulates and vice versa. All in the interest of driving liquidity into a stock. This then opens pandora's box to the company? they themselves start to play the trump card (media interviews etc) as often they want to raise capital or inflate their valuation in order to justify some cleverly worked remuneration incentive without shareholders batting an eye because they themselves are in the good times.

This plays out daily, watch and learn before ever entering into the next egg and spoon race.....

All the best


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