Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Fools Errand - From Blaggard To Laggard

A Vision Of Friendship...

What a wonderfully revealing week, Strange phone calls, threats and misconceptions from the retailers (Private Investors) '' Where to start? ''

Okay the constructive part of this week came from the surprising response to an off the cuff #dlc regarding investor / shareholder psychology in making sense of - '' What's real and what's not '' It looks the same, it feels the same but it stinks to high heaven. Aim companies have to fulfil a criteria to make it public, if your cute with circumnavigating the paperwork, you have enough kudos or bullshit to bowl a googly to the listing authority... '' Well suddenly the dream starts to become a reality '' However this does not mean the dream will be a pleasant one or one you may wish to have again.

Example: (Based On An Unnamed Irish Collaborate)

If your mining gem stones in Helmand province wearing jeans cut down (half your arse hanging out) a dusty pair of military surplus desert boots and a t-shirt saying '' fuck the Taliban or women's lib '' then your unlikely to be doing it very long. Although if your a clever group of entrepreneurial business men with a raft of proven listed (mainly shit) companies registered on or across weaker global markets, well then '' yes you could allude to the fact, this is what you intend on doing backed up by the relevant geology studies and business plan etc, '' then you have a pretty good chance of getting it off the ground '' (watch this space)

Okay okay before you think I'm a raving loony just harness this fact! - Nearly 1/3 off all listed companies on the aim have evaporated since the high's of approx 1800 companies. £24bn was raised over the last decade bringing these companies to market so in theory £8bn has gone a.w.o.l. (This excludes placing's once listed) Jesus the depth of the nepotism, corruption and blatant mismanagement is beyond comprehension.

Were you aware of these facts? Where you aware that the city loses money year on year and has done for over a century thus has to create a continuous vacuum to suck in the retail funds?. I'm not here telling you not to invest, not to trade or not to trust. I simply say know the rules of engagement! Manage your expectations and please remember that this game is built by design to empty your pockets! These basic simple principles will help you, as it has me become a winner and not a statistic.

The picture at the top of the page is my dedication to my friend '' Big '' Dave (I'm showing here through imaginative vision how I see our jackanory journeys together),  you see BD is angry with me right now to the point he had a helping hand get in my face for raising shareholder concerns at a recent investor event whilst making false allegations that I hold no stock. Therefore have no right to comment or ask a question, forgive me but the investor shows are designed for that very reason, needles to say I remain undeterred and steadfast. Perhaps the stupidly suggestive remarks towards my credibility or working relationships (some could take as a threat) hold some water!!! '' They don't so here is my carefully drafted public response ''

((( Cough ))) Fuck ((( Drum Roll ))) You... or as the judge proclaimed recently when referring to your own (cred) ability in winning a legal action - You present '' a weak and thin case ''

Blinking heck why are we northerners such vile creatures to dare ask for clarity or transparency from this murky world. On the other hand over the coming weeks and days we will start to talk about real companies with real assets compounded with tangible,proven ability to exponentially provide value creation.

Today's LaymanChatter maybe something of a little caustic but its nothing more than a component of the viritol nonsense that circulates amongst the city of London.

Tune in over the weekend for a more detailed serious look at what's presenting value both long and short.

All the best


* Note: The gloves can come off Davey boy but remember your public history and the fact I have a pretty good record at finding a turd hidden under a rock, The modern world is but a click away.....

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