Saturday, 22 February 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXIII

Bulls Vs Bears

This morning I look back at the weeks events with a level of enchantment, as the markets casts its spell upon investors. This week we have looked up the chain at the long and short position calls being presented to investors.

We here at DLC have tried to demonstrate when the value of a large company has been beaten down it can provide some short term relief to small-cap Investor/Traders, diversity is the name of the game folks and in order to continue winning or curtail loss then we can never fear foraging elsewhere.

The usual theme here is rounding up small-cap companies which has left an element of doubt or question over readers minds, '' Why does dlc not venture up the chain '' This week we have set out some of these companies as the passage of time will tell if we have the metal to build a strong enough call over the next year.

The UK Investor Show takes place on 5th April, I'll be there in my tracksuit and trainers meeting and greeting fellow P.I's please drop me a tweet at if your coming and I look forward to hooking up with you prior or post the informal chat on how to survive and beat the market.

Rolls Royce: (RR.) was hammered down on allegation of fraud (Bribery) along with a stable yet static forecast on growth for 2014, However profits are up 23% for 2013 and the long and short of it is the claims or suggestions are not a new story to overseas business. The '' When in Rome '' approach has to be taken if we are to remain realistic. Whilst RR. trades north of 950p then a likely revisit to 1200p is on, a tighter outlook from us is to find a long from 990p

Tullow Oil: (TLW) Disappointed fans with a setback from its well on the Langlitinden prospect in Norway where is the explorer is a 15 percent partner, will be plugged and abandoned after the operator failed to find commercial levels of oil.The drop appears to be unkind to Tullow who flew into the spot light after the Tano block finds in Ghana '' This will take some beating and without a huge drop in the markets then sensibility will prevail.

Tate & Lyle: (Tate) I stumbled across Tate midweek as the chart showed it's Rsi was its weakest for 3 years so whats new? Well Tate&Lyle popped up in the news as one of its sites reportedly had an explosion:

Lafayette Fire Chief Richard Doyle said when firefighters arrived at the scene Wednesday, Tate and Lyle personnel told fire crews the situation was under control. Doyle said because the Lafayette Fire Department works closely with Tate and Lyle personnel and provides training to them, fire crews left the scene because they felt confident the situation was under control.
“If they’ve given us information that says the situation has been taken care of, we’ll send someone from our department in with their personnel,” Doyle explained. “They’ll verify what the situation is, and that it’s safe, and that we don’t need to provide any other further assistance. ”
Doyle said no one was injured in Wednesday’s incident.
Fear will recede and normal service should resume even if numis lowered its advisory to a hold. '' Long punters should start to appreciate the buy as traction is found '' 
Ocado: (Ocdo) Seems grossly over priced at 600p and while only the William Wallace type shorter's are taking their place, I'd say at this level its time to start to see the downside, with a P/E of a hundred or two coupled with some plain old common sense I'd say Ocado will come down to earth with one big bang, Cautious shorter's hold on for the confirmation but the brave war horse may be galloping in now as they posture for an assault on York. 
Quindell: (QPP) I mentioned Quindell were well overheated, infact similar to Ocado its gasket seemed to be buckling under the steam of its rise and when the pressure came to a head the obvious took place, '' So what for QPP '' well the reality is the city / money has been having a right old merry dance with Quindell however facts are its overvalued so 20p fears far outweight 50p excitement. The claims of stumping up £23m and 325m shares backed by broker coverage is the smoke and mirrors behind the rise to house the deal... '' I could be wrong however feel its worth considering after all this is Aim, lets look back in 3 months ''

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