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Have we become disconnected

As we embark on a new week, we leave a destitute one behind having myself scaled back 2/3 of my entire portfolio I sit scratching my head as exposure and volatility in the markets are the recipe for success if you possess the confidence of your own convictions.

To be frank I feel/felt that the news flow over the last and next week will quite simply be taken in a bad light regardless as the global recoveries sustainability is the new keyser soze in the markets.The interpretation of what drives the markets is derived from an ever revolving door thus fear has to come in many formats as does its contrary emotion of relief or jubilance.

When we consider taking a position whether a short term trade or a longer term view we still have to consider the wider factors attributed to fear or jubilance as this helps guide our entry/exit when completing an action. This very point is really one of the main hazards which is flippantly overlooked, After a year it is really time that readers hold an armoury of information to help circumnavigate the markets woes and windfalls.

As always this week we look at a few companies that are either on my radar or taking up a position of popularity amongst the retail...


Two mining stocks at each end of the spectrum

Kazakhmys: Plummeted to earth in a Felix Baumgartner fashion, A little while ago I called it a buy which was clearly wrong as it proceeded not to be my finest call however I tuned into my old pal Gary Newmans Piece here and have to say I completely agree with him that KAZ is due some serious relief and an old warhorse investor would be scaling into this company and buying into the weakness.

Kalimantan Gold: Tanked after its news that its major partner freeport had pulled out of its Ksk project leaving investors perplexed and heavily speculating, I had a chat with the gaffer Faldi last week and have to say the company is in much better shape than I initially thought, Briefly the company has a raft of interest in its assets which have seen significant investment to date. Tens of millions have been spent from this micro cap sub £2m Market Cap company '' I see a big rebound coming,'' Klg has $500k in the bank and have also made aggressive cuts to its cash burn which pretty much safeguards the business whilst it proceeds to open its data room. As of this weekend Klg are no longer tied to freeport so expect a more transparent newflow.

Round Up

Orsu Metals: I mentioned on the twitter feed as the simple facts are cash is king in a mining company and this one has plenty to go at, at 3.5p there is a stack of upside to the downside, we can analyze things far too much at times so I keep it simple '' People will wake up to the cash in its hand and see value '' Even poorly run companies have moments of greatness and its 10p bonanza not to long ago pegs a bullish hallmark in the chart.

Savannah Resource: Appears to have the retail bulls stirred up which now shines the light of liquidity in its eyes, This company has not gone unnoticed and was mention a little while ago here, having perked up a fair whack since then I maintain SAV is one to follow and hold if you're in, although buying at over 6p could be dicey until we see a technical or fundamnetal bias towards buying (watch)

Greatland Gold: Was tipped in the 30's and after a significant rise I advised taking some off the table both here and sula, clearly this was the right call and after realising rises of hundreds of percent we have to as investors digest the gravity of these gains and bank it.

Looks like a resource round up this week however during the week we'll look to diversify (If soundcloud comes back online that is apologies if your missing the audios, technical fault onsite at the mo)

All the best


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