Sunday, 9 February 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XXII

Another mixed week in the markets with some onus being attributed to the sustainability and credibility of the recovery. I think we all all know that there has been no epiphany however we have to take some of the growth as gospel. The real problem is investors/traders alike from both the wholesale and retail don't have any deep rooted trust and on this basis we have obey the golden rule of not following peter pan.

As always the DLC audio's have been as popular as ever and of course my notoriety amongst the unsophisticated mug punters seems to proceed me. Don't take my word for anything follow the public domain for your facts.

I must say this weeks tug of war in the media has grown stale '' Put up or shut up ''

Paternoster Resources: The company failed to excite with news of a few RTO's breaking down, So what new with PRS in 2014? The company is showing clear technical signs of bucking the downward trend in the 2h 2013 with the Rsi forming a floor and consolidating at 0.26p. From the start of 2014 the techs have showed a journey to 0.37p should we see that breached and with some room for the rsi to continue a stretch of the legs further towards 0.41p & 0.48p - Coupled with some further fundamental developments and a strong cash position the upsides looks to far outweigh the down.

Karelian: I have been asked a lot about KDR and whilst there is some clear potential to revisit the high of early January, the main factor for me is the stock is consolidating at this level before any future moves down or up, its come a long way in a short amount of time and personally I'd wait and see before following the money in or out right now. (One to watch)

Sareum: Have managed to claw back some of the ground it lost over the last 6 months, if 0.70p goes then a further push back towards 1p are on the cards, Some early support is forming as investors and traders alike hope for another 2011 Rns pump from the CEO Tim Mitchell

Westminster Group: The SP bounced of support at the 70p level leaving the old faithful excited at the potential of forthcoming contract news, technically the stock is starting to look like its losing the war however the news is rumored to be imminent and one last pull back wouldn't surprise me however the support has held on this occasion and this could well be that very episode before the bells and whistles breakout. looks plenty of upside but set a stop in the mid/high 60's if your uber cautious

Last week was a predominantly resource based cover, diversity comes in all shapes and sizes....

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