Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy NewYear folks....

With many still high on the joys of the festive period its time to allow gravity to slam you back down to earth, don't let the good feeling or wishes of prosperity cloud ones judgement when reviewing the markets from this day forward.

Gold closed the year with its biggest decline since 1981 however the overnights (Asia) looked grim and gold has clawed back some of its losses, my old mate Ben Turney will be happy as he seemed to agree with me that the shit can't stay in the fan... It often hits it, has an aggressive ride before correcting somewhat '' Long money on gold from $1200 ''

My tips for 2013 going into 2014 as published by and (advfn) were Afriag (Afri), African Potash (Afpo) and LekOil (Lek) to be clear I believe we have three very different entity's and all have already been hugely profitable if you had followed them in 2013,

As we look to avoid the spell cast upon us by the markets mechanics, I urge all newbie investors to question and exhaust all possible outlets whether this be forums,commentators,exec boards or even the social media. Many have agenda's which are not aligned with what is best for you the individual. '' Beware of the spin ''

Currently I'm doing some research on a natural resource play with a bunch of reasons to buy from a technical perspective coupled with solid facts and ironically some school boy classic why not to hold such a company in the highest of regard.

The enigma that is Aim or the smallcap is know your enemy, know what can hurt and reward you most. All to often investors fall in love with a company without any leverage from the position they hold. I'm not suggesting that you don't back a company. I merely proclaim you do so whilst managing your risk and expectations.

Good luck in 2014 and here's hoping DLC grows at twice the rate...

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