Saturday, 11 January 2014

DocsLaymanChatter XVIII


Today feels like the first steps of a marathon in returning to my roots in the market.....

Friday had a poor reading on job growth which was well out and below expectation however the hydrostatic shock of the news recovered pretty darn quick covering the tracks of what could have been deemed bad news. Another example of why/how the bulls are taking the markets further and further which falls inline with consecutive and incessant projections of how 2014 would play out...

April-May will be the real test of the 10/14 repeat bull cycle or a typical slow down for the summer holiday season. Needless to say we are in the now and have to treat each investment/trade as if it were just another sunset at the end of a busy day.

The DLC audio (here) is ticking along nicely although not quite as frequent as I would like although we strive to improve '' The markets and how they work is similar to pandoras box '' find the key and you unlock the value. If not you spend a lifetime wondering.

Below is the usual layman chatter roundup of what's hot or not. Please keep sending in your thoughts and also retweeting/sharing and using or referencing the blog #Dlc. (It helps me not you but I'm cheeky)

Karelian Diamonds (Kdr): Managed to suck in the penny punters before spitting them out 4p down to 2.7p and quite possibly further drops to near 2p '' when will private investors learn?

Sula Iron (Sula): Sula has continued its passage through time holding onto significant gains after it was tipped by me on at 1.8p, Should CEO warrell come up trumps then the next leg up after further consolidation is a real possible.

Pathfinder (Pfp): I covered Pathfinder for a bunch of reasons but the main one is as presentation of a company with a bright future and valuable assets suffering from a (turncoat) deal or a sobering chain of events. Pfp have assets worth up to $500m but have battled for over 2 Years to retrieve what is rightfully there's. The strong cash coverage of this £4m mcap company suggest there is a binary bet.

Inspirit Energy (Insp): Announced they were in advanced negotiations with industry majors after appointing Enertek to support the fast track of the mCHP boiler. All the buzzwords are here as is the retail support, I expect further gains.

Motive Tv (Mtv): Mtv keep churning out jam tomorrow statements along with a raft of placing. In my opinion the company is an absolute joke, should the tap be turned off then the game is up quickly as cash is a commodity in short supply.

Clontarf Energy (Clon): After once upon a time holding some bullish sentiment towards the company I draw investors attention to the pisstaking warrant/options in Petrel which seems to outline how the boys are acquiring their stock. - If and when there is a take over I anticipate they will have earned a few punts off this pair of doves.

African Potash (Afpo): African potash have some pretty tidy assets located within a decent geographic location with solid  infrastructure. I wanted to draw attention to Dr Simon Dorling who seemingly has slipped under the radar as non-executive and geologist used by Elemental.  Dr D has a wealth of experience and a proven resume.
(Elemental are in advanced stages of a rumored $175m takeover)

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