Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Solo Oil & Mtv


SOLO & MTV '' kick them whilst here still down ''

Good Morning kitty kats, As we head into another wet week and Lorraine is gobbling raspberry's on the goggle box I'll revisit a few raspberry's of the small cap sector.

MTV continue there game of releasing some mediocre news and then working a placing onto the market, This has been a ongoing game of spank the blind speculators with MTV prevailing as the one with the big hand whilst the shareholders appear to have the red bottoms.

Re-read old posts on MTV here:

Solo Oil and Gas seem to be making a pigs ear of the Canadian assets which were once to be the 2p value alone by excited shareholders supported by team Reef and Solo sadly the great adventures seem to have gone quiet, I think many spotted that the down hole pumps or gas injection was spelling further problems and delays whilst others were believing...... As the old Arnie phrase goes '' I'll be back '' and I'm sure he and the ausable field will be.

Flip to Tanzania and the great Ruvumba gas discovery! There are two integral facts, Tullow dropped off and handed over the well which would suggest there just wasn't world class value. Also the company are hitting the market diluting by coming to market for more and more finance which may suggest a bumper JV is not likely.

As always I believe the team have the ability and position to excite the market once again however its important to look how serious a house this place is to have your hard earned cash?

Consolidation is a must for both in my opinion and this is often not a great experience during the switch. '' If there is a window of oppourtunity climb out of it '' Patience and Panic are two phrases that need addressing...

Good luck


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