Friday, 10 May 2013

Hot creek boutique

U.S Oil & Gas

Where do we start with this company and the incestuous relationship amongst the special friends of Usop/ians...

I have made no bones of wanting to chat publicly or privately to MM,WIGS,LOLS,BFP however i took the initiative to register at contrary to belief I have no known association with any long-term twitter bashers or deluded loonies ramping although I do have an association to numerous outlets I write (All independently).

Today I was rejected membership which may enhance claims made on private forums from significant Investors who themselves have been banned/Silenced by there critics, Thankfully I didn't BUY into the £200 a share excitement EVER although can understand how a few wet behind the ears did.

The facts are:

None of the great hope has come to fruition and the company are languishing In the pits of Hot creek valley with Claims and speculation that the founders have hot footed out of the dessert with cash bags long before the retail had realised.

A great point was raised by a honest decent women I chat with from time to time about USOP and BM's desire not to hit the placings harder and not to follow the usual protocol of coming to market and spanking the draw downs whilst paying themselves a pretty penny and bumper remuneration packages. '' That is a fair point '' and USOP and BM seem to have operated on a shoe string however if the principle was to maintain a strong hold on the company and command the good ship USOPY then I'd say its not working out other than holding a firmer grip on the failing outfit.

The shocking Revelations from the PLUS market '' Something I mentioned on Usopians over a year ago '' seems to have come to fruition with claims that some of the SPECIAL investors had this document and held it back would not surprise me one iota.

I feel that the boys club that has existed at USOP will in fact work against each of these people as the company goes into a death spiral so i urge these folk to unite (differences aside) and use there SPECIAL friendships to take back some of the control.

How would you do that? By exposing the wrong doings. The problem is the SPECIAL ones still believe that they need to keep there relationship intact!!! Bleeding hell If you were part of a bank job they would still be filling the bags whilst the getaway car has fled and the cops have you surrounded... ' Yes I'm taking the piss and Yes i no its not that funny '

I don't profess that the SPECIAL ones are all crooks and conmen but i do say that they used there position to try and play there own game, Sadly the company appear better at it....

The facts are that the relationship with an exchange like PLUS was questionable after being struck off.
The relationship with NDOM appears to be fraught with silly technical errors...
The relationship with shareholders is rock bottom.
The relationship with 3200bopd is similar to an all saints song '' Never ever ever!!! ''

To date things are poor and a deviated sidetrack could be very very challenging as these guys can't even sort out a few jars of oil and the calculations on 60bopd. I'd look to start a fresh and with a explanation to the shareholders on what they have been doing whilst spunking good time and money away like a randy old fox...

If the shareholders action group is formed I'm sure there would be enough weight to get the answers you need from your company.

Will people believe them? I fear not...

Maintain whatever you believe but at least try and open your mind to the dwindling number of options you have left before its a complete write off...

You deserve at least answers to this debacle.


* I have no axe to grind with anyone and regardless of the piss and wind statements from Pornix and Co. I don't fear proven liars '' I sold ECR '' Dated the 28th March 2013 ;-) signed P

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