Saturday, 12 April 2014

BrokerManDan - Back In The Saddle




BMD - Takes No Cheap Shots From Bob

Recently we received word that Dan had yet again defied the bully boy attempts of the legal system, Dan I believe had some business dealings with a local builder who mistakenly thought BMD was all mouth and no trousers. '' Big mistake on all accounts '' Bob (The builders name remains anonymous) confronted Dan flexing his guns and offering typical bully boy threats before attempting to clout the old war horse, Dan's a tidy scrapper from up this neck of the woods and doesn't take shit from anyone particularly not jumped up Bob with his fake suntan and popeye like arms.

Needless to say the act of self defense and defiance sits my old mate BrokerManDan at the top of financial hard knocks, I weighed him up when I met in Manchester during 2013 and while his polished appearance may have some believing Dans been put out to graze, I judge a man by the pace they walk (quick) along with the size of their hands! I'd hazard a guess that BMD will remain marching on many a battle front shaking his fist with disapproval before being retired to the upper paddock.

Welcome Back


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