Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Power To The People

A story of desperation and hope

(that can effect your neighbours, loved ones or foe)

After what has been a shocking few years seeing the great European funding fritted away in Valencia (One of many financial experiments from the 'Caca de la vaca' of Spanish Banks) or building theatres with not enough people feasibly viable to house such a privilege I stumble over  Laurence a Northern Boy like myself with a bucket load of belief and a truly inspirational vision in challenging the banking system and the reforms that are yet to be made.

We know the banks are wrong as they pay out to the tune of millions in PPI claims many which were fraudulently given under the radar of the patron or under the guise of some financial security.

The one place you are supposed to feel safe and with the one commodity we are educated to require as much as clean air and water.

Money/Cash/Greenbacks or Readies...

We are told through our social interactions and structure or educational standards the value and need for this commodity. No longer Coffee,Cattle,Beans or Bread, Nor the Egg or Chickens leg. But the tether of the corporate world.

Is this strange coming from me? It shouldn't be it helps highlight why I'm dogged in sharing my reasoned opinions and thoughts of these blindfolded retail investors running and skipping into a ambush.

The People vs The Banks

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'' The only time you truly lose your home is when you GIVE UP.''



To European leaders: (2011 over 500,000 signed this)

As citizens concerned about the economic crisis and austerity measures, we urge you to fundamentally change the proposed Greek rescue package. The bailout deal must be rewritten to ensure that public money serves the public interest and doesn't reward the banks and speculators which have helped cause the crisis.


An email I found which I sent last year:

wake up to the stock market mate! Wake up to the mechanics behind it and for gods sake wake up to the world we live in....
' This sounds like a pretencions statement but lets look at a few facts '
The GDP of the United states is loosely based around 17% of the health care ( $2.5 Trillion) to its residents/people.
We as a global community look for increase and stronger Gross domestic product (GDP) so for the GDP in the 17% of the contributing factor to rise the fucking people have to be sick and the % contribution higher....
Excellent more sickness and illness... (dying) so in theory the sicker the people are the stronger the economy! ' Really '
Okay the place we all want to be (well off)
Upper class
You get there and place £1,000,000 into a Cd @ 4%
= £40,000 gain

Lower class
Take loans pay interest so the lower class pay the upper class........ The social classicism structure is there, The weak reward the strong. The poor pay the rich OR ' Money goes to money '
The GDP does not reflect the quality of people lives it is a reflection of the industrial inefficiency's and social degradation.
The Stock market is not a honest and decent place therefore the people that work within it can't possibly be.........
The morale's of where and what the markets represent are not those of the morals installed into us as young people.....
Why? We need to be deceived later in life....
(Yes, Yes another load of ****)
The ECONOMY: The word we associate with economizing.... a term used with preservation, Efficiency to avoid waste!
Yet the system and GDP relies on CONSUMPTION and WASTE so the market is opposite to its very meaning.
OIL and Minerals take Millions to billions of years to develop yet the economic system and markets encourage and are built on actively promoting the acceleration of consumption is INSANE.
Efficiency: Think about the word ' Absence of waste '
Yet we are working against all we believe we are actually doing, The Markets and the GDP rely on the contrary as that is how the increase figures are developed.
We ship minerals halfway around the world (wasteful) as its cheaper yet we set the prices!!! Crazy! its all about the more we USE and Waste the stronger we become although of course we NEVER admit to this as we are taught to be frugal and recycle....
The whole system stinks, Its corrupt, Its bent and its dishonest so if you believe that *.* from **** is acting for you then your as crazy as the next foolish P.I
*.* is tethered to the corporate demands of twisting the screw so the people with the most get more and the people with the least get less.....
If the balance is not with them then they just shake you upside down until the coppers fall out of your pockets.....
NOW ofcourse there will always be a few that get through and take the golden pot at the end of the rainbow but statistics say you have a 99.3% chance of being that person.
This is not about **** for me its about understanding the stages companies are at and making the money in between.... This can take minutes hours days weeks months or years.
Its not a case of a daytrading scumbag or a loyal hardy investor! its about the journey of the company and its passage of time.

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  1. Right on Doc. Globalization has failed;every statistic you read, be it inflation, population, imigration or even GDP has been 'massaged'. Posted inflation rates are kept much lower than reality to keep wages & pensions below the real rate of inflation......we're being lied to on a grand scale. A Bond crises looms with an energy crises not far behind! Brent Crude trades at $118 per barrel now & it's only going to get dearer, pricing the ordinary man/woman off the road!

    Kirk D (Crudehope)

  2. To true Kirk, Primary focus is to digest how this game works otherwise many follow the old fodder/lemmings into the dark abyss!!!