Monday 7 April 2014

Ben Edelman @ UK Investor Show 2014

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I had the great pleasure of meeting Prof. Ben Edelman and regardless of personal belief or the very fact I'm simply a dumb Northerner '' thick in the head and broad in the shoulder '' the findings were compelling nonetheless. Typically the retail investing worlds forums lit up with misinformation both regarding Mr Edelman's attendance of the show, allegedly he was stuck at a London airport whilst immigration/passport control held Mr Edelman which could well of prevented him even making the show Saturday afternoon. Typically this a great example of Blinkx bulletin board fodder attempting to create a storm in a teacup, I met Ben Friday and unless he has a twin or it was scotch mist i witnessed then he was in town well in advance of the UK Investor Show on 5th April so conclude categorically that Prof. Edelman had safely arrived in London days earlier and without complication.

The blinx story or in fact Edelmans wasn't one I had particularly followed too closely until the findings were published early in the year, at this point my spider sense triggered '' How clear cut could it be? '' I mean not being a boffin or educated man I held some anticipation as to how clear cut his findings would be to understand to the layman. Within minutes it was quite apparent that this was not a new case with FTC shutting down and reforming these practises in the U.S so how and why is Mr Edelman in town talking about blink? Blinkx appear to have inconsistencies in its practices/transparency of which highly profitable yet dreadfully unethical.

I read a report by sharesoc which appeared to be fair in all of about half of its content thus the other half representing something very different than my experience. To label PBE '' not a modest man '' has absolutely no bearing of his ability to bring to surface the dirty business of the Internet which is fast becoming a lucrative frontier for criminality,unethical practices and much worse. In my opinion a disingenuous man could have focused on his achievements of becoming a professor at Harvard at 27 or perhaps his web sheriff reference by Nobel prize winning economist Alvin Roth (cough ''the wild west'') or his aunt Marian Wright Edelman a civil rights and children's advocate or his uncle Peter who resigned his position within the Clinton administration in demonstration against a law that required welfare recipients work, his parents (Father) Daniel a civil rights attorney or (Mother) who works to prevent abuse, I suggest this may explain an inherent passion for '' the greater good or perhaps all that's right '' The business community would have you believe that Mr Edelman is a loose cannon standing alone as a paid mercenary rather than a freedom fighter however I refute these claims and believe that had Ben Edelman '' not been modest '' then he certainly could have hammed up his historical family associated battle;s to correct '' bad practices '' whether as web sheriff or not

'' This is helping make the Internet a better place, said Brian Kenny, Harvard Business School’s chief marketing and communications officer.''

David Vladeck, former director of the FTC’s consumer-protection bureau, said his agency also followed his work and sought out his advice. Now a Georgetown University law professor, Vladek groups Edelman with a small cohort of Internet activists and technical experts, including Ashkan Soltani and Stanford University’s Jonathan Mayer, both known for their crusades for consumer privacy.

Its tough to pick a hole in his presentation which will go live and viral pretty soon but my interpretation of the presentation were Mr Edelmans findings rightly open debate on the practices of just one of many and whilst blinx refute most of what Edelman says its pretty clear that the legal team sat in front of me were looking far more concerned than the man on the stage.

I believe uncertainty will bring negative expectancy thus the result a bigger hole in the pocket of faithful shareholders of blinkx but you cannot blame Edelman for presenting the hole in the boat of blinkx. I have no material interest and never have nor do I have the intellect of Prof. Edelman but from a layman's viewpoint it was very revealing and very well presented.

We will see how the markets and legal team take and counter but there was no rebuttal by blinkx.

We watch and wait but the risk has increased once again for those of you looking to buy.

Keep your pecker up...

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